Frequently Asked Questions?

There are no upfront fees. When the artwork sells, we charge a nominal seller’s commission of 20% of the sale price. The commission amount is determined based on the total value of works you sell with us. 

Partnering with Msanii HOUS is easy. Click here to begin the registration process.

Once you’re approved to become a Msanii HOUS Partner, you’ll need to setup your Gallery. We have an extensive guide to assist you in doing so. Our support site has all the steps to successfully setup your Gallery.

All Msanii HOUS Partners are required to sign up and create an account with Stripe our payment partner. Our system is designed for you to receive your sales commission in real time of completing the sale. This means no waiting to get paid. Also view our support site for additional details. 

All Partners handle shipping of art to the collector. We believe our Partners should determine the best freight/shipping method they prefer. Please see our support site on Shipping and packing suggestions.

We offer 24/7 support by submitting a support ticket. Please allow approx. 12-48 hours at most for a response. You can create an account and submit a ticket using our dedicated support site.